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About Us

About Us

Get your place the best makeover possible.

Welcome to Bahria Peshawar, a prominent and innovative real estate development endeavor to reshape Peshawar, Pakistan, as a landscape. To develop a thriving and sustainable community that raises the bar for contemporary living, we aim to design extraordinary living spaces and first-rate amenities.

We at Bahria Peshawar think that a house is more than simply a place to live; it’s a place where people create lasting memories, fulfill their aspirations, and improve their lives. We aim to go beyond conventional real estate development with a passion for innovation and a dedication to excellence, providing a lifestyle that reimagines modern living in the heart of Peshawar.

Owners and Developers

Bahria Peshawar is the brainchild of a collaboration between renowned developers and owners, each with an extensive record of successful real estate endeavors.

Owner & Chairman: Malik Riaz Hussain

Business tycoon Malik Riaz Hussain is widely recognized in Pakistan. He earned much praise for significantly contributing to Pakistan's real estate market, mainly through the founding and expansion of Bahria Town. The real estate development company Bahria Town has grown to be one of the biggest and most prosperous in the nation under his direction.

CEO: Ali Riaz Malik

Under Ali Riaz Malik's direction, Bahria Town is slated to be an innovative and breathtaking undertaking sometimes referred to as a "fantasy venture." This substantial real estate development aims to revolutionize contemporary living and build neighborhoods that provide people with an unmatched standard of living. Bahria Town is a name that has been making news across oceans, on the cover of international papers & magazines for its construction marvels which is why we are the most preferred investment destination not only for Pakistanis but also in the eyes of expats as well as foreign investors. It is no surprise that we have won 10 accolades at the International Property Awards under various categories for our projects.


A team of experienced professionals, architects, and urban planners has gathered intending to construct a truly exceptional living environment in the buzzing city of Peshawar. With their years of experience, knowledge, and integrity, the creators of Bahria Peshawar ensure that the highest standards of quality, safety, and innovation are upheld throughout the development process. Every element is carefully thought out, from the early stages of design to the last touches of building, to guarantee that our vision for Bahria Peshawar is realized perfectly.

Featured Project

Past Projects

Welcome to Bahria Town’s rich history of past projects! Over the years, Bahria Town has established itself as one of the leading real estate developers, known for its commitment to excellence, innovation, and creating world-class communities. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane and explore some of the remarkable past projects that have left a lasting impact on the landscape of Pakistan.

Bahria Town Rawalpindi / Islamabad

Bahria Town Islamabad, one of our first and most important accomplishments, is proof of our dedication to building self-sufficient communities. This project is recognized for its luxuriant green landscapes, cutting-edge infrastructure, and abundant services that have completely changed what it means to live in luxury.

Bahria Town Lahore:

Lahore's elegant and cultured complex has gained notoriety for its meticulous planning. Bahria Town Lahore has become a top option for families looking for a contemporary lifestyle thanks to its beautifully manicured parks, cutting-edge healthcare facilities, and international-standard schools.

Bahria Town Karachi:

Our dedication to quality extends to Karachi, a coastal city where Bahria Town has revolutionized waterfront living. The real estate market in the city has been revitalized by this project, which combines commercial, residential, and recreational spaces.

Bahria Town Nawabshah:

Our top-notch master-planned community provides its residents with a first-rate lifestyle by offering residential and commercial plots and completely built residences. This development, planned with a neighborhood idea, establishes new standards for neighborhood growth in Nawabshah.

Discover Your Dream Lifestyle: Unveiling Bahria Town's Visionary Living

Bahria Town goes beyond traditional real estate development by building thriving, sustainable communities that meet the demands of both the community and local economic needs. In Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, and Karachi, our world-class projects are the best example of Pakistan’s highest levels of development.

Our meticulously planned layouts include carpeted roadways, tiled pavements, and street lights to improve safety and convenience. International designs inspired these features. Beautiful gardens and green spaces encourage a healthy environment that everyone may enjoy.

Our dedication to excellence extends to offering the most modern city amenities, from cutting-edge healthcare to education that meets worldwide standards. We create homes that combine comfort, luxury, and functionality because we know a home represents a person’s aspirations.

Our mission establishes enduring legacies that enhance lives because it is fueled by innovation and a strong dedication to the well-being of our residents. Join us in Bahria Town, where dreams come true and living goes beyond the ordinary.